Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy will help to increase self awareness by providing a safe and confidential space to reflect, process and explore thoughts and feelings.

Mental health
Mental health

Transforming Your Life: Individual Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma

Clinical focus


Anxiety manifests in feelings of fear, dread, racing thoughts and uneasiness and is often accompanied by physical symptoms (chronic stomach issues, headaches, muscle tension). You may find yourself mulling over the same concerns with little solution, unable to shift focus and remain in the present moment.


Symptoms of depression may range from a loss of interest and reduced zest for life, feeling stuck in cycle of negative thought patterns to chronic irritability and agitation.

Complex Trauma and PTSD

Trauma can best be defined as any experience that has caused significant distress and is accompanied by a physiological response (intense feelings of fear, threat of safety or fear of annihilation of the emotional or physical self). Trauma can be one significant event or multiple smaller yet equally painful events over the course of many years. Not all individuals who experience trauma meet the criteria for a diagnosis of PTSD, however, the suffering can be equally painful and disruptive to daily functioning. Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events.

Relationship Challenges

Interpersonal relationships, while vital for our wellbeing can also be one of our biggest challenges to navigate. Whether it be constant fighting, arguments and discord or being in the same room but feeling miles apart- relationship concerns can interrupt our functioning in a profoundly deep way. Therapy can help couples develop authentic, healthy, open communication while identifying problematic patterns that have lead to the initial challenges. Emotion focused techniques can help couples become aware and attentive toward underlying emotions that impact healthy connection. Additionally, building a respectful and deep connection can be achieved with the support of an objective caring source.